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Hey Aluxers, which company should we cover next?
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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Running A Shipping Business: www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6GIL2lkra0

Comment from : Alux.com

Jon Halsted
FedEx SUCKS youtu.be/wTxja-J-LK8
Comment from : Jon Halsted

fuck fedex.
they are responsible for the increase in price of a app that thousands of drivers around the world used to deliver packages.
fuck fedex for life fuck them

Comment from : RdL

federal express was not fedex it was a government owned business that failed cuz they wanted to take over the USPS and realised it was cheaper to just pay the USPS than it was to make a whole new company to compete so it became a private company witch is why they changed their names to FedEx and the U.S. postal took over as USPS witch even wells Fargo was a mail company but later became money carriers for banks and than got into the banking business them selves
Comment from : Cisco4kid1990

Practical Buddah
Fed Ex is terrible. I placed an order for a blanket and i never got it. One of THE worst companies in the world in 2019
Comment from : Practical Buddah

Miao Adams
Number 3 is wrong they never done that for me
Comment from : Miao Adams

I hate FedEx they will be out of business by amazon
Comment from : HZ MD

Sky Dawg
Also fedex has an employee's child's name on every plane
Comment from : Sky Dawg

Jay G
This is the irony of everything top couriers make money I have friends make over 100k a year with overtime them express boys and ups make top dollars.
Comment from : Jay G

Rick Flint
They never knock on my door for delivery . waste of my time so long lazy bums.
Comment from : Rick Flint

So fed ex means federal express.. I see these trucks everywhere.. all the time.
Comment from : Cari

Pepe Pig
say fed ex one more time i swear
Comment from : Pepe Pig

Dalts56gamer L423YT
is Dax there?
Comment from : Dalts56gamer L423YT

William Penn jr.
dont send anything to Mexico or China especially by Fedex. The fedex in other countrys have a habit of double billing the recipient and Fedex in the U.S wont do anything about it even if it was through fraud. They will just tell you that the recipient has to contact thier country's fedex billing department. But, I'm sure when they determine executive compensation they combine all the income from every country.

They changed delivery from 3 company's into one but now when you call customer service about a lost package you will have to talk to 6 or more idiots asking obvious questions, and giving you different answers to yours.

Comment from : William Penn jr.

I see the Chinese bots have come here to complain about Huawei. lol
Comment from : MythicalRedFox

"future billionaires"
lol sure.

Comment from : MythicalRedFox

Roxanne Lieurance
My daddy works at FedEx and it’s my first time watching this YouTube channel
Comment from : Roxanne Lieurance

Katherine Do
I’ve never once had a problem with fedex so idk why everyone is. Hope it gets better . I mean I definitely wouldn’t choose fedex I’m just forced to . I’d use USPS or UPS
Comment from : Katherine Do

Paisajismo de Alto Nivel
they are the worst delivery company, they stole the phone i sent to mu daughter, make me call several times, they tyred me and never asume any responsability. DO NOT USE FEDEX!
Comment from : Paisajismo de Alto Nivel

Good luck if you ever have to deal with their claims department! They destroyed my item the last time and then refused to pay almost a thousand dollars worth of insurance I had on it. Customer service just stonewalls you if not outright lies. Absolutely disgusted with this company and will never use them again.
Comment from : Flinty

Kingsley Zhao
Fedex the worst
Comment from : Kingsley Zhao

Worst company in the uk, that's for sure
Comment from : CRAIGIE, T

Another one, FEDEX will make you pay for storage fee
Comment from : wolfreon

Fedex is no doubt a thief
Comment from : Todd

The Matrix
They are all thieves
Comment from : The Matrix

Lalith Suresh
FedEx is stupid. The drivers can choose when they want to deliver it making packages ship slower.
Comment from : Lalith Suresh

I work for FedEx and only thing I knw is false is the comment about getting 100$ bonus for non crushed boxes. We dont get anything like that
Comment from : rey210rey

thomas Burke
I know this for a fact 50% of the statements made in this video are altered to promote a narrative. . 1 the hijacked aircraft. . That pilot was was under duress because fedex bought another airline that he was working for.. this put him in legal trouble with the faa. Fact # 2 no employee to my knowledge gets a monetary pay out for not damaging packages. . If you are caught destroying anything its almost always immediate termination. ..
Comment from : thomas Burke

Cagaeyn Arcs
Number one it sounds like fatass
Comment from : Cagaeyn Arcs

I love this video Alux! I started working at FedEx 3 weeks ago as an Administrative Office Manager with no prior experience this company. But this video is so informative it helps me understand the culture and staff better! 🤙🏾
Comment from : vickikendricks

Mike K
Well I guess they didn’t do their research. The history of Fedex yeah. Fed ex express is owned by Fedex. Fedex home delivery and ground is owned by independent contractors. As a driver for a Fedex Home and ground contractor employees do not receive bonuses nor benefits. Some do get health insurance but of course the rate is high. We do the heavy lifting. Do more research.
Comment from : Mike K

Arabella Almeda
How long would it take them to ship from USA to Australia
Comment from : Arabella Almeda

Emily Adams
As a FedEx employee who specializes in the logistics of the Freight op co I can confidently say that Amazon entering the LTL environment has no impact on our company. Amazon is trying to lower their costs for shipping. They are doing this by only entering the logistics environment on a small (relative) scale because investing in a full scale logistics operation would not be cost effective for their company. Furthermore, FedEx frequently has to refuse shipments because they breach contract terms and conditions or would otherwise not be cost effective for FedEx to carry. Amazon has numerous business ventures in a variety of fields, Twitch for example. You might as well compare YouTube and Twitch. Did a few content creators change platforms? Sure, but overall it didn’t really impact YouTube enough that YouTube considers Twitch and equal competitor to worry about. Amazon Prime 2 day shipping is great but FedEx 2 day international shipments are a bit more impressive.
Comment from : Emily Adams

Ten Ichi
1)CIA investors
Comment from : Ten Ichi

fedex is bar none the worst shipping company in the history of shipping. every time I buy something they send it to the wrong town. they have my correct address but the drivers go to the wrong zip code and try to deliver it to another house. no matter how many times I've called them they have yet to resolve the problem. no other shipping company has this issue. I have to play phone tag with them to get my stuff delivered to my house not the next town away.
Comment from : blue03r6

anurag bohra
The only fact I know about FedEx is that, the company is a THIEF!
Comment from : anurag bohra

John Lin
The company founder /CEO Frederick W. Smith was a captain of the US marine Corp. Therefore, based on the Trump's logic, must be tie to the US military, must have US government backing, spy for the US government. Also they are national security for the rest of the world as they can substitute weapon and destructive material in their packages. They can provide a back door and fly into any country carrying the US military as a Express company. But of course I will not believe this, as there must be prove that they work for the US Gov. We can not just accused the company without any hard evidence.
Comment from : John Lin

Xing W
We all know FedEX is stealing packages everyday everywhere.
Comment from : Xing W

Lee Teck  Keong
foolish company, never use it again thief
Comment from : Lee Teck Keong

Inmediatamenteya Furlan
Comment from : Inmediatamenteya Furlan

Inmediatamenteya Furlan
f...n liars... and when you ask...they delete you.... fukkk........liars
Comment from : Inmediatamenteya Furlan

Inmediatamenteya Furlan
Comment from : Inmediatamenteya Furlan

Inmediatamenteya Furlan

Comment from : Inmediatamenteya Furlan

One thing I know about FedEx is that they can divert your parcels without your knowledge or permission as in the case of Huawei which they have admitted.
Comment from : CK

My Real Life Budget
FedEx is literally the worst company to ship with and work for.
Comment from : My Real Life Budget

Yvonne Archer
#1 you didn’t know about Fedex: stealing technology from Huawei by hijack their parcels
Comment from : Yvonne Archer

Shame on you
Comment from : 沐月

A tang
we dont know Fedex spies, steals, cheats...
Comment from : A tang

Xianda Liu
The 16th is Fedex will steal ur packages and accidentally send it to the US gov.
Comment from : Xianda Liu

คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี
Or a FedEx courier, forget terrain,

Japan is a country in East Asia, but the United States is located in the continent. America to the west.

Comment from : คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี

Lol make it 16 things
FEDEX might steal your package for political issue lol 😂

Comment from : 真狂言无良

Lin hxue
16: fedex is a fucking thief.
Comment from : Lin hxue

emmm...we dont know u hijake some packages of huawei
Comment from : waterproii

Fack fedex
Comment from : 吴君

Caesar xu
One thing people don't know Fedex is a spy of US government. All the package should be checked first by the US government
Comment from : Caesar xu

Kevin Yang
cheating huawei happy??
Comment from : Kevin Yang

Forrest Evil
one more thing, fedex stole some huawei packages recently
Comment from : Forrest Evil

Alux let me tell you that I love ur voice, especially how you pronounce the word "FedEx"
Comment from : Santialexe

Fedex hire some real pieces of shit as delivery people. Needs new management for sure.
Comment from : Alec3501

I would never use them. I wish other people that have used them to send things to me. I would have got them then. FedEx is either full of idiots or thieves.
Comment from : Snowchoux1

Fed X is the worst bunch of beatoff asswipes going

Diana Baruch
UPIS much BETTER! ✌🏻
Comment from : Diana Baruch

Cash is King trucking
The woman doing the announcing has the most annoying voice
Comment from : Cash is King trucking

Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
fuck fedex, the worst company ever
Comment from : Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
fedex is a stupidest dumb fuck low IQ company
Comment from : Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

Jose Garcia
Correction #4 The tracking system and barcoding of packages that we know today was started by RPS in 1985 (which then it was bought by FDX and renamed FedEx Ground).
Comment from : Jose Garcia

the woman sound is so forced/strained... like WTF I'M WATCHING?
Is that woman masturbating while talking or wtf

Comment from : glitch

macross 7k
THE WORST DELIVERY COMPANY IN THE US! The drivers are all lazy and does not deliver all the packages. I have waited for the package out side my door and while i was waiting i got an email saying that, delivery can not be completed due to customer not available. Now how you gonna tell me that?! They just expect us to pick up the package ourselves to our local FedEx. And it takes another couple days to re route your package. I had enough to these lazy ass delivery people who works for this stupid ass company.
Comment from : macross 7k

Package tracking only says "on vehicle for delivery" Duh, like we don't already know that.
Comment from : margaretsville

Shæ Love
These morons lost my fucking package, they dont know it yet but they are going to give me my $200 on what they lost
Comment from : Shæ Love

Don Lessnau
FedEx sucks. They're terrible. They screwed up like 3 deliveries in just the last month. UPS is not perfect but they're a helluva lot better than these assholes. No info, no explanation, no idea where the package is, when it will be delivered or found. And when you have a problem, they pass you off to "customer" service and these assholes never answer the phone. Pathetic company. Piss on FedEx.
Comment from : Don Lessnau

Eric Schick
FedEx fact #16:

They like to creep up to your house without your package, stick a note in your door pretending they “attempted delivery” but you weren’t home. Then they run back to their truck and speed away hoping you don’t see them. Meanwhile you were sitting in the living room the entire time.

This happens so frequently their are reddit threads about it.

An absolute rubbish company that deserves to go bankrupt.

Comment from : Eric Schick

Armando Aquino
FedEx is pure garbage , they deliver nothing but damaged product. The company I work for cancelled all fed ex services , and I'm glad they did. Fed ex ended up paying us over 27,000 dollars of damages . I hope this company rots .. go amazon better or ups
Comment from : Armando Aquino

Horrible service. My package has been in the FedEx Smartpost for 5 days now, I’m just waiting to get an email or phone call telling me they completely lost my package, then again I doubt FedEx gives enough of a shit to even email me or call me about something like that and will wait to tell me when I call after two weeks of waiting
Comment from : Nakura7292

we don't get a bonus at all!!!
Comment from : dnygi

Anto Ma
I would never ever use this company again ever!
They lied about the tracking,changed the tracking at the last minute,damaged the parcel and we're weeks late on delivery on 2 separate occasions.
And zero compensation as a receiving customer.
Absolute crap!!

Comment from : Anto Ma

Mike S.
actually it should b 16 and # 16 is fedex is a very racist company.
Comment from : Mike S.

Extreme video 's
Slecht bedrijf
Comment from : Extreme video 's

Zachary Italian
Comment from : Zachary Italian

Mae Mae
I hope you don't forget UPS and DHL for another video.
Comment from : Mae Mae

Shubham Kumar singh
Hello I am interested your company iam hevvy vehicle driver I from India Vadodara Gujarat
Comment from : Shubham Kumar singh

Otayy Baby
Who just clicked on the video because you have a package getting mailed and you wanted to know if they knock on the door 😂😬🤠
Comment from : Otayy Baby

Catherine Ransom
FedEx Express drivers are NOT contracted and will NOT smash your boxes.
FYI, no one gets a bonus, the bonus for not smashing your package is that they keep customers and are proud to do a great job for them.

Comment from : Catherine Ransom

The only shipper I have ever experienced that one day my package is 100 miles away..then the next day 2000 miles away instead of my own town..smh
Comment from : radstorm

Robert Long
Fedex is a holding company with several OPCO's Fedex Ground , Fedex Custom Critical , Fedex Office, Fedex Freight were all rebranded acquisitions . Ground , Custom Critical and Home Delivery drivers are not employees of Fedex but are employees of third party contractors.
Comment from : Robert Long

Roberto richardsen
you only need to know one thing about FEDEX ... DONT USE IT !!!!
Comment from : Roberto richardsen

Terry cobb
I asked these retards to put my package on the back porch where do I find it. On the front unsafe where I wouldn't find it for hours. Your patented tracking service is totally BS and doesn't work at all. In transit. Can mean FedEx is sitting on their fat asses doing nothing. So don't believe it's coming your way. They're not USPS Thats for damn sure. FedEx employees do not earn bonuses for safe fast delivery thats bs. By box was busted all over when i got it. Still have yet to hearvfrom these hoodlums
Comment from : Terry cobb

Roberto richardsen
FEDEX wasn't a good company for me. out of 3 packages i had send with my personal belongings from Holland to Colombia (i moved countries) also personal objects were damaged.
they riped apart my older nintendo and package (after inspection) my things very rudely without care. so also 2 amplifiers were scretched from the complete front plate. as well as i asked a friend of my from holland to send me some dutch delights (candies) that they just opened for inspectation and i found them very dirty inside the box that he send to me.

Comment from : Roberto richardsen

5,000 subscribers with no vids
Comment from : 5,000 subscribers with no vids

Terry cobb
Managers don't call or write back. FedEx you just need to go. You suck!!!
Comment from : Terry cobb

Terry cobb
Package says in transit been sitting same spot 2 days now. Aholes
Comment from : Terry cobb

Terry cobb
Wheres my package you suck???
Comment from : Terry cobb

Terry cobb
I know you don't want to buy anything they're responsible for "TRYING" to deliver. Package arrives 2:45 away from my house 5 days ago in Illinois ever since it's been there being moved from truck and warehouse to truck and warehouse. Each time coming roughly 10 miles closer. All the while remaining in transit which is "BULLSHIT". It should say docked not transit our fat asses no EX here just lazy bastards not willing to travel and work. Your company even hired USPS because you suck so bad. Slow slow slow call yourselves SSS NON DELIVERY. Still waiting for my package folks That's how bad they suck at Fedex. WTF????
Comment from : Terry cobb

Do you get a notification when the package is delivered?
Comment from : LegnaBuildz

Doreen Paradiso
Hey...Alux, plz do a Video on Network Marketing specifically Q-NET
Comment from : Doreen Paradiso

Doreen Paradiso
Hey....Alux, please do a video about Network Marketing specifically Q-NET.
Comment from : Doreen Paradiso

Keith Thrasher
Hell yeah Go Fedex😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Comment from : Keith Thrasher

Captain CJ 97
Sweet the pay is gonna go up hopefully it's a good amount
Comment from : Captain CJ 97

Francisco Ferrer PLI
OUr last 2 experiences with FEDEX have been awful! I will never use their service again!!! Their reps say nonsense! Please, use DHL, way BETTER!!!
Comment from : Francisco Ferrer PLI

Eric li
I working on fedex in hk... Fedex is a very bad company, workload is very high, one man need to do two man job.... Salary is low, new hair salary is hkd$11400 = us1455,
Comment from : Eric li

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